Discount Dental Plan

Choose from the following Dental Plans below:

An Affordable Individual Discount Dental Plan

Plans are $60/year for Individuals (and children under 26 are free) and $80/year for an entire Household

Just a few differences between HNA and traditional dental insurance plans:

HNA Traditional Dental
No waiting periods Often has 6, 12, 24 months waiting periods
No annual maximum benefit Have maximum benefits per year (example: $1,500). When you’ve used up the maximum benefit, you’re paying out-of-pocket.
Covers dentures, implants, bridges at reduced rates Many do not
Sign up today and use it tomorrow Most plans start the first of the following month
Is a discount plan Is insurance

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You must use contracted dentists. The list and fee schedule can be found on their website under  the “Members” tab.

Note: “the dental discount plan provides discounts from dental providers. The dental discount plan does not make payments directly to the providers of health care. The member will be required to pay for all dental treatment but will receive a discount from those providers that accept Health Networks of America’s Discount Dental Plan.” – HNA

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