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Medicare is a complicated subject. Often, there is anxiety over trying to determine which supplement plan type to choose. Clients have said, “I feel so incapable of understanding all of this.” Much like you hire a CPA/accountant to help with taxes, choosing to use a broker to help you figure it out, simplifies the entire process. Benefits of Nevada is a professional independent broker/agent with expert-level knowledge and over two decades of experience. Set up a free consultation and get simple and easy-to-understand information to help you choose a plan/policy from approved, top-rated carriers.

Medicare Disclaimer: I/Benefits of Nevada do not offer every plan available in the area; currently, representing 8 organizations, offering a total 52 products. Please contact, 1-800-MEDICARE, or your local State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to get information on all of your options. Traci Hutchinson/Benefits of Nevada is neither employed by nor contracted with Medicare/CMS or the federal government. She is an independent contractor/broker with private insurance carriers.

Health Insurance

Choosing a health insurance plan is confusing. When you use an agency or broker, you have an advocate to help you understand the differences between plans and insurance carriers. You will have a better understanding of your options. We help you choose a plan that fits your needs. After you are enrolled, you have us to assist with claims, billing, or any issues that may arise. We also keep you updated on changes in the law.

Dental/Vision Insurance

Dental health can impact heart health (and many other areas of the body), not to mention self esteem. Choose a plan with Spirit/Ameritas and get: 1) No waiting on major services, 2) Guaranteed acceptance, 3) Next-day effective date, 4) Three cleanings and two exams per year 100% covered, 5) $100 lifetime deductible, 6) Coverage for crowns, bridges, implant, dentures and root canals. ADD vision for an extra $7 and access the Eyemed Vision network.

Travel Insurance

Most people ask, “why do I need travel coverage if I have health insurance?” Typically, a domestic insurance policy does cover for emergencies only, and reimburses after the trip. Medicare policies are limited. Potential issues when traveling include: Some hospitals in different parts of the world will not provide treatment unless a patient will guarantee payment. Paying in advance can be costly, then some will not accept foreign credit cards. Medical evacuations are often complicated and expensive. GeoBlue provides peace of mind/a vital lifeline with 24/7 access to resources for not only emergencies, but for minor illness and accidents as well. In addition, evacuation and other travel related problems (i.e, legal troubles, lost passports or credit cards, etc.).

Life. Long Term Care. Disability.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is never a topic anyone wants to discuss nor think about (it’s uncomfortable), and it’s often ignored until it’s too late. Let’s face it, what insurance product is ever something a person wants to think about? If anyone depends on you financially, then NOW is the best time to look at getting coverage. The longer a person waits, the more expensive it gets; not to mention, if a person gets diagnosed with a condition, it could prevent getting a policy at a reasonable cost. Get it while young and healthy (the best suggestion: buy it for children, as those are the best ages to put some in place). We sure as heck don’t want to imagine the unexpected loss. Sadly, I have heard many stories of families who don’t realize the cost of burying a loved one, not to mention the time you’ll need to grieve (and take time off work).

Long Term Care

Should a person sustain a life-altering injury or illness, most do not know neither health insurance/Medicaid nor Medicare covers daily living needs. These situations typically will require ongoing care, and often require supervision from a qualified professional (such as nursing or personal/adult day care). Give yourself a choice for the type of care, where you get care, and protect your assets with a Long Term Care policy.


Disability insurance is one of the most ignored types of coverage. If you’re the one who keeps the doors open on the business, or you’re the primary person earning an income, this is your paycheck protection. If a life-altering illness or injury were to occur, or you need time off for a pregnancy, how would you pay the bills? A disability policy will provide a percentage of your income for every-day living expenses. There are policies tailored for specific professions and even self-employed.

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