Disability, Accident, Critical Illness/Cancer

If you/your family count on your paycheck to maintain your current lifestyle, it’s a good idea to consider some interesting facts about disability.

Real-Life Facts

  • “In the US, 40 million workers do not have a SINGLE paid sick day.” -United States Department of Labor, Get The Facts On Paid Sick Time, 2015.
  • did a survey that found “a person has a three in 10 chance of suffering a disabling illness or injury that would keep them out of work for three or more months.”
  • “Seven out of 10 Americans would have difficulties meeting financial obligations if they missed a paycheck.” –American Payroll Association, “Getting paid in America” Survey, 2015

Learn about disability insurance. Ask us how to get covered.

Disability Insurance 101

Typically, the most economical and convenient way of purchasing disability insurance is through your employer. Benefits of Nevada works with top-rated carriers such as, Aflac, Principal, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica, etc. to implement short and long term disability benefits through payroll deduction (get more info).

If purchasing benefits through your employer is not an option, please check out the following options.

Individual Supplemental Coverage Options:

Combined Insurance:  Offers Individual Accident and Sick Pay

Accident (Quote) : Accident Quote Link

Sick Pay Plus (Quote): Sick Pay Quote Link

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